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Kidís Camps

Chippewa Creek Golf Club is proud to be a part of the community in offering this summer camp for over 15 years. Junior golfers, new and experienced, have the opportunity to learn basic golf skills, develop proper swing techniques and build a solid foundation in a fun atmosphere. Our goal is to help kids enjoy the game as they improve.

Contact Mr Shannon Bowden (certified golf instructor) for more information
Cell: 905 577 7546 Email:  
- Ideal for kids aged 6 to 12 years
- Camp runs Monday to Friday 9am- 1pm 
- Cost is $375 (HST included) per child
- Lunch is included
- Golf balls and tees for the range are             included.
-Please wear running shoes, hat, and bring
  a rain jacket!

- Each week is limited to 10 golfers

Summer Camp 2024
Registration is now OPEN!
Week #1: July 15-19, 2024 Sold Out!
Week #2: August 12-16, 2024 Sold Out!
Call 905-577-7546 (Shannon) for spot on the waitinglist
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q.  What does my child wear for the week?
  • Golf: Golf or running shoes, golf pants or shorts (no jeans or gym clothes), and a collared shirt (is preferred)
  • Sunscreen and hats are a must!
Q.  What about snacks and lunch?
  • Kids MUST have a water bottle.  These will be refilled all day long to keep hydrated.
  • Lunch will be served every day and indoor seating available.  *Kids will have a variety of food options each day. A drink will be provided with with meal.
  • Bring snacks for breaks each day.  Make it easy to eat (granola bars, fruit, etc) as theyíll be on the range, practice green or running around!
  • Our full service kitchen is available for any other purchases.
Q.   What about golf clubs for my child?
  • If your child has clubs, they can be dropped off on Monday and we will store them for the week (in our locked club storage).
  • It is strongly recommended that players have their own set of clubs that fit them for their age and size. Shannon can help in determining appropriate clubs and making suggestions for a ďbetter fitĒ.
Q.   How can we be sure our children will be safe?
  • Shannon Bowden will be on site with the kids throughout the day.  Horseplay will be closely monitored with a zero tolerance policy. 
  • We want the camp to be a fun experience for all - safety will be a top priority
Q.   What happens if it is raining?
  • The camp will continue each day regardless of weather - if we are unable to be outside (ie. usually a short period of time due to heavy rain, storms) - we will engage the golfers in some indoor activities until it is safe to return outside.
  • If the golf course is closed (due to extreme weather conditions) the camp day will also be canceled and a refund of $60 will be issued. Notification will be provided to parents / guardians at the earliest possible opportunity.